Kene is an awareness and fundraising solidarity program for the women of the Peruvian Shipibo tribe.

KENE is the ancient tribal design work which is embroidered by the Shipibo women and embodies the healing vibrations of the songs of plants, and other sentient entities.

We have adopted this name for a travelling exhibition and program creating awareness of the unique traditional cultural knowledge of the Shipibo women and as an initiative to support the Maroti Shobo Women’s Artisinal Cooperative in Pucalpa, Peru to gain training and skills to sell their traditional handicrafts, many which contain the incredible “kene" designwork directly to the international market.

After raising over $2000 from a series of events and an exhibition of their handicrafts, we will be returning to Peru in early 2015 and also tourin the exhibition and program to other locations.

The centerpiece of the program is the embroidered "Kene" that is sold to raise funds to support the Maroti Shobo Women’s Artisinal cooperative in Pucalpa, Peru and raise awareness of the wisdom, and beauty of the traditional knowledge and practices of the Shipibo, as well as the environmental and socio economic challenges brought about by colonization and the ongoing challenges posted by the influx of Westernised cultural and economic systems.